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BIRCWH Post-doctoral Fellowship, National Institute of Health, 2009
PhD, University of Kentucky, 2007
MSN, University Of Louisville, 2000
BSN, Washburn University, 1991


Preterm birth; inflammation; tobacco use/secondhand smoke exposure during pregnancy



Kristin  Ashford, PhD, RN, APRN

Associate Professor and Assistant Dean of Research

Kristin Ashford received her BSN from Washburn University, Topeka, Kan., and a master's degree in nursing from the University of Louisville. She received her PhD in nursing from the University of Kentucky in 2007 and is an associate professor in the College of Nursing.

Dr. Ashford began her research career as an NIH BIRCWH (Building Interdisciplinary Research Careers in Women's Health) Scholar. She currently serves as PI on an NIH COBRE (Centers of Biomedical Research Excellence) study in which she leads a multicenter trial across two states. She is administrator of the Kentucky GIFTS (Giving Infants and Families Tobacco-free Starts) program, working jointly with the Kentucky Department of Public Health to provide smoking cessation and wellness services to prenatal and postpartum women across Appalachia.

Dr. Ashford was named the 2010 Nurse Researcher of the Year by the Kentucky Nurses Association Nursing Education and Research Cabinet. She also received the Outstanding Early Career College/University Teacher Award from the Kentucky Academy of Science.


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Ashford, K.B., Cowley, J.B. (2014, August).  Career Development Class Including NCLEX Prep. Tap into NCLEX Success, University of Kentucky College of Nursing, Lexington, KY.

Ashford, K.B., Cowley, J.B. (2014, May).  Career Development Class Including NCLEX Prep. 10th Annual Faculty Development Workshop, University of Kentucky College of Nursing, Lexington, KY.

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Indomethacin and Delayed Umbilical Cord Clamp for Preterm Infant IVH
Project Period: April/ 1/ 2013 - March/ 31/ 2018
Total Award: $3221275.00
Sponsor: National Institute of Child Health and Human Develop

EMPOWR: Efforts to maximize perinatal outcomes in women at risk
Project Period: February/ 15/ 2013 - February/ 14/ 2017
Total Award: $1802321.00
Sponsor: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Reducing Health Disparities in Appalachians with Multiple Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors
Project Period: May/ 1/ 2013 - April/ 30/ 2016
Total Award: $2092473.00
Sponsor: Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute

American Association of Diabetes Educators Diabetes Prevention Program (AADE DPP)
Project Period: April/ 1/ 2015 - September/ 29/ 2015
Total Award: $16500.00
Sponsor: American Association of Diabetes Educators