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PhD, University of Kentucky, 2006
MSN, University of Kentucky, 1989
BSN, University of Kentucky, 1987
AD, BS, Morehead State University, 1977


Interprofessional team communication, self-efficacy, care of patients with heart failure


J. Darlene  Welsh, PhD, RN

Associate Professor, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Faculty Affairs and BSN Program Director

Darlene Welsh, a 2010 recipient of the University of Kentucky Great Teacher award, focuses her instruction and research on undergraduate students and new graduate nurse success. As the co-coordinator of the UK UHC/AACN Nurse Residency Program for new graduate BSN nurses, she makes significant contributions to program delivery and evaluation. Residents mentored by Dr. Welsh have established a consistent history of award-winning scholarship at the national level and have participated in funded research with interprofessional teams.

Dr. Welsh teaches critical care nursing and coordinates the senior practicum in the undergraduate program. Students in the practicum learn to function as effective team members through simulation and extensive clinical practice.

She is engaged in research and graduate student mentorship in the following focus areas: interprofessional medical error disclosure and communication, best practices for transitioning military personnel into the nursing profession, self-efficacy in nursing, and the care and education of patients with heart failure.


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University of Kentucky College of Nursing MedVet to BSN Option
Project Period: July/ 1/ 2014 - June/ 30/ 2017
Total Award: $627041.00
Sponsor: Health Resources and Services Administration

Nutrition Intervention to Reduce Symptoms in Patients with Advanced Heart Failure
Project Period: September/ 27/ 2011 - July/ 31/ 2016
Total Award: $1523306.00
Sponsor: National Institute of Nursing Research