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MSN, University of Kentucky, 1974
BS, University of Michigan, 1967


Health promotion, especially for children and teens; tobacco policy to promote prevention and cessation


Carol  Riker, MSN, RN

Associate Professor

Carol Riker is a faculty associate with the UK Tobacco Policy Research Program and the Kentucky Center for Smoke-free Policy and co-investigator and community advisor for the NHLBI-funded study, An Intervention for Promoting Smoke-free Policy in Rural Kentucky. She also leads the biannual statewide Workplace and School Tobacco Policy studies and is the technical assistance coordinator for the Kentucky Center for Smoke-free Policy. She developed a coalition guidebook, Growing People: Building and Maintaining Coalitions for Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation.

Riker received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Michigan and her master's degree from the University of Kentucky. She has taught public health nursing for the college since 1974 and currently teaches Foundations in Professional Nursing for incoming sophomores. She has collaborated with schools and local health departments in youth health promotion initiatives for heart health, safety, and HIV prevention. She has been an active advocate for seat belt safety, tobacco use prevention, and smoke-free policy.

In 2001 Riker received the Louise J. Zegeer award for undergraduate teaching from UK College of Nursing. In 2005 she received a Person of Promise Award from the Family Care Center Volunteer Board in Lexington. In 2006 she received a Service Recognition Award from the Kentucky School Nurses Association and also a Community Empowerment Center Award for contributions to the Gainesway community in Lexington. She received the Wethington Award in 2006 and 2007 from the College of Nursing for her research productivity. In November 2007 she was among the first seven recipients of the University of Kentucky Provost's Distinguished Service Professors Award, which honors faculty for their consistently high level of achievement in their contributions to their disciplines and the University.


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Promoting Responsive Health Policy Initiative - Smoke Free
Project Period: April/ 1/ 2015 - March/ 31/ 2016
Total Award: $50000.00
Sponsor: Foundation for a Healthy KY